Ashwin Krishnamurthy

Senior Product Manager


Ashwin is a Product Manager at Oracle and lives in San Jose, California, where he leads the next-generation of enterprise application development for Business Process Automation on the Cloud. He has advised two startups, worked as an Engineer, UI Developer and Product Manager in diverse industries ranging from Cyber Security to e-commerce.

Outside of work, he is an avid reader and a podcast listener. He is passionate about teaching Computer Science and often volunteers at local schools and non-profits aimed at teaching the subject to young learners.



Senior Product Manager

Jun 2019 - Present

Why should enterprise developers have an outdated developer experience?

With his engineering chops and a passion for improving the developer experience, Ashwin leads the roadmap for a global team of engineers who are building a platform that has the potential to put a smile on every enterprise developer’s face.


Product Manager

Jan 2018 - Jun 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Feb 2015 - Jan 2018

Why is it difficult to develop and ship APIs?

Ashwin disrupted the existing model of developing and shipping services within eBay by building tools and components that streamlined the developer experience and substantially reduced the cost of building and maintaing APIs. Public facing APIs that were built on the platform, allowed external developers using the new APIs to create more than 2.1 billion listings and drive more than $154 million GMB (Gross Merchandising Volume Bought) globally YTD.


University of Cincinnati

MS Computer Science

2012 - 2014

Published two papers on the impact of heat on tissues around sensors in Body Networks. This effort also resulted in him creating a human-tissue based Body Networks work-bench that he contributed to the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Distribute and Mobile Computing.

Anna University

BE Electrical Engineering

2006 - 2010

Ashwin worked with BSA (a leading motorcycle manufacturing company in India) in one of the company’s early prototypes of Electric Bikes. This collaboration resulted in the development of a system that paved the way for the future of on-board charging within a BLDC motor.